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Valley Below I: Running Rites (2007)

These are the lyrics I wrote for the first Valley Below -album, Running Rites (2007). 
Preface - as well as the lyrics - appear also in the album cover / booklet. 

00. Preface: A Prodigal

Well, it’s been a long journey, but I’m still burning, yearning to find out what was this message I was given in the first place. Was it something between you and me – a kind of bridge, this eclipse. Or was it written on skin, the words and the deeds, buried deep within. But there’s no sign of ink on my skin - and I have to begin from the beginning, by floating in this driving cage. And what a speed! It is to rage. Over the land, over the dreamland, I spin over the hills, over the cities and their prairies; not knowing what I’m carrying, bringing home – seeds or stone, a volcano. Next thing I remember I’m gasping, floating to the next station. There’s no-one around, no other incarnations. Except this lonesome rover, dressed in rags and holding a fancy bowler hat. What was it he gave me? A walking stick? And what it was I was doing here, I don’t care. The only thing I’m looking for is a new door. And I open the first door, the green door - and suddenly the wind blows - and opens all the doors - and I slide from one room to another. In the first one there are fancy wall to wall papers with thistles and of course, young couples playing poker all over the place, each one has got a fireplace – ablaze.

As if I’ve seen this all, I’m off. In the next room, in this particular doghouse there is music, god damn there is music, and everybody’s dancing and among all others I can see there is Johnny, Mike and Mr. B and the whole band of good old sisters and brothers and friends, bookends, and they are all still running, running and chasing, taming the poor old dog, it’s a working-man-waltz. Tori on piano. And there, before my very eyes the same old rover is tranformed into a beautiful young lady and she’s holding the strings and the guitar rocks and weeps - and this brings me out on the street. As soon as I get closer I recognise it is neither a coin nor a four-leaf-clover she’s holding, but a snail on the palm of her hand. And she reveals the snail itself is the message. Relief. And  I can feel somewhere out there the Galway Bay is breathing, bringing wreckages on the shore and more than ever before I’m aware of the waves and their weight, and everything is wide open and green, green and I realise this is not just a dream. Nothing is. And I feel this is just the beginning.

Fishguard - Capel Curig, Wales 1993 - 2003

01. Souvenir

Many happy returns
were mislead or never sent
And your sentence, all over again
you’re chasing Zen.

Many happy returns
now or never it’s – heads or tails
And the year of the Deer
running in North Wales.

All along the road
stories were told
All along the coast
on and off like waves
Break on to the shore
the line they walk along
and hold on strong.

All along the road
stories were told
All along the coast
they walk alone – in pairs
Up and down the number of the stairs
and footsteps you were to share
and take care of your Souvenir.

02. Selling Down the River

This river is running faster 
everyday, my Captain
she brings me another 
chapter - or so they say 
the Dice, my Partner 
in front of my eyes.

On the riverbank
you’re always looking back.
There is another show
that’s sliding slow – you hesitate
and then make a date
where the wild things grow.

My Luck how Fair you run like the River
Double six – now could you fix – I wish
All this makes me shiver.

’Cross the Ocean to the other side
where you want is hard to find
an Iceberg, you’re drifting blind
and river it runs oh so wide.

’Cross the Ocean on the other side
where there’s so much Love to hide
even in the Rising Tide 
and all you want is to be kind.

Take me to the place I know.
Take me to where I belong.

My Luck how Fair you run like the River.
Double six – now could you fix – I feel
like Selling down the River.

03. Jukeboxing

You sleep alone in the dark
corner of this hip-hop block.

Your face of plastic in this harbour
of ground breaking stock.

Is switched off 
your jukebox
is kicked off.

Touch the Button
choose the ground
movin’ – tunin’
the forgotten one.

You stand alone like a stranger here
his hand on the shoulder.

Your colourful armour 
in this harbour of laughing stock.

Just another fingertip
will kick you through this trip

And play this piece all over 
and over again.

04. Handyman 

You can – you take
advantage and blame
the driving rain
it’s all the same.

You’re ready – steady
for every fall
You’re dressed up
for another Ball.

In your Toolbox
all the shame
heavy tools without a name.

In your Toolbox
pride or groom
fills this lonesome living room.

Walking on
his battlefield
a useless tool
without a shield.

Afraid of nails
on the floor
waiting for – another
hammer to fall.

Walking all the way back home
feel it so close to the bone.

You think your balls
and holding hands

could break this wall 
to new romance.

05. Absence

Take a good look in your pockets
What have you got behind the seams?
The face of your running dreams, indeed.
What you really need lies underneath.

Are you carrying the power, bringing the flower
in full bloom in the darkest room?
Or what if you think, you know what I mean
the wall inbetween you and me.

This is your Moor, once more
you enter the Door.
This is your Moor, once more
you’re standing at the Door.
This is your Moor, once more.

Let alone the one who flew to Dublin.
All the way - and just in time, you’re running
through suburban - and what if you think,
the one bringing the ring? You’re genuine.

This is your Moor, once more
you’re standing at the Door.
This is your Moor, once more
you knock on the Door.
This is your Moor, once more.

And you’re watching me - like the TV
could I be like the one
from Notting Hill.

06. In Gratitude

without any warnings
shedding tears invisible
for the sake of unknown reasons.

the echoes of the nature
covering everything
from heavenly sounds to undertones.

And you couldn’t fall in the Big Sleep
you had that September night
and the dream still in full bloom
in her moonlit room.

without any warnings
shedding tears invisible
for the sake of unknown reasons.

Sometimes you’re not that strong
and the weakness it might scare you
you recall in the moonlight
one of the last days in the fall.

When everything’s so close
you’re too close to be caught
know this what they call solitude.
But this song’s in gratitude for you.

When starting to appreciate
the Beauty of it all
When starting to see those yesterdays
in this light of day – who would you call?

07. The Driver

I’m a Driver
god damn I am
the deep diver
to Nothing’am.
With all the rage
you know this age
in this driving cage.

Would you be my guest
and drive until you dive?
Would you be my guest
and drive until you find
the end of the line
the ways you drive
to the rhythm and rhyme
that shivers down your spine.

I’m a Driver
god damn I am
the deep diver
to Nothing’am.
And it’s taking
me higher than high
ways ’cross this time.

Would you be my guest
Someday you’ll find the rest.
Would you be my guest
Someday you’ll find the rest
back against the wall
you’ll never fall
I could have sworn.

I could have flown, 
my only Jewel, I could have shown
my best Pint of Fuel.

08. Capel Curig

Silence - only streams
continuing, over the hill.
You were to share the view
and this is - you’re standing still.

Higher than the fall of streams
you’re head over heels
Closer than the four-leaf-clover
and you start all over, like the New Rover.

Today – this is a good start
all the way from Fishguard.
Today – will you grow like tree
when you’re living like a falling stream.

Today – today – you keep falling on.
Today – today – she wore a Yellow Ribbon.
And you know we might grow old - or remain unfold.

Silent – only dreams 
continuing, in the Closing Time.
On and off outdoors - you’re given 
nature of your great rewind 
in this fading daylight.

Today – like all the other Knights
you know there are no other times.
Today – you see the setting sun
the only Rover in the long run.

And if I watch carefully
I can see those streams
Flowing in the – flowing in the
eyes of my dear friend.

Today – today – keep on telling the Tale.
Today – today – your own Grail.
And you know we’re a falling flow
in the valley below.

09. Running Rite

Circle is the same.
Running every day.
Release – and this breeze
is taking over you.
Release – wild as child
hound you’re running round
and colourblind
carrying out
the Cheyenne Rite.

Dog, you’re Dancing
on your own way
for the Chief.
Dog, you’re Dancing
running every day
to an easy relief
Circle is the same.

Circle is the same.
Running every day.
Understand – there’s a chance.
This one dance.
Who’s in command?
Understand – you’ll join
or run out of reach
maybe retrieve 
and follow the chief, if you please.

Circle is the same.
Running every day.
Freeze – still this breeze
and the same old melody.
Freeze – still out of reach
you run in Cities 
and their Prairies, in front of me
the same old ceremony.

And the Seekers drumming
the ground in Circles.
And the Seekers drumming
the ground in Circles.

10. Liverpool

You know the Fields
are fine and every day
closed in time.
And every day I try
to work in my own
class without a mask.

Never mind – I’m on your side
I could be sold – I could be tied
skin and bone, your stepping stone 
I know the show and will follow
run the risk maybe sorrow.

Brush the boots
rather than Red Cherries
more black and bitter
are the berries to pick
in this Public House of tricks.

And even if I lose
someone like you
I’ll never choose
their loony tunes
and if I choose
any bride or groom

Must be as cool as you.
And in Liverpool
You’ll never walk alone.

Lyrics by AP KIVINEN (2007)

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